About us

Gravity Games is a game development studio formed by a team of enthusiasts gathered around a common idea – to make video games interesting again.

Idea of creating a special concept of video games combining laws of physics with new technologies in the most direct way, made our childhood dreams, deeply buried under routined grown up lives, reappear in the best possible way.

Sure, many of us have seen too many gaming summers, some of us even remember Arcades, but one thing is for sure, gaming is in our blood.
Today, players have the largest selection of titles ever, but only a few games differ from established concepts and ideas. Games, more or less, look alike.
Our mission is to create as many unique games as possible that will give us back the old feeling of gaming excitement. Of course, you are all welcome. 🙂
New dimension of gaming. Here. Now.


Ginst – Gravity Instrument – Extraordinary music game which uses phone’s G-sensor for player positioning
Vayu – Wireless game controller with 9-Axis motion sensor and blow action feature.